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What does freedom mean to you and what will you do to keep it?  This is not a democrat, republican, independent, or libertarian question.  This is a human rights question.  “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil, is that Good Men Do Nothing”.

Are you tired of:

   *Your family being forced or abused into doing something they know is personally wrong to keep           their employment, school enrollment, etc.?

   *Your ranch, farm, or small business constantly being under attack in some way, shape, or form?

   *High prices for fuel, groceries, fertilizer, feed for your animals, etc.?

   *Not being able to express your opinion because of censorship or being bullied for it?

   *Things that you feel are immoral being forced upon you to accept?

  *Your children being indoctrinated and having to be worried for their future?

   *The, “It’s ok for me, but not for thee”, system that is in place?

Did we forget that not long ago our loved ones died alone in nursing homes or hospitals because of politicians not allowing us to be with them?

Did we forget that neighbors were tattling on each other because of tyrannical mandates resulting in fighting with one another?

We cannot allow history to repeat itself.  We must avoid becoming the next Venezuela as we are heading that direction.

Join us September 29th and 30th, to learn from experts in the field on restoring freedom.  There is no better time than now, as next Plan-demic is ramping up.  We welcome ALL who are interested in making positive changes to restore Liberties for All.

This event is meant to educate and unite us rather than divide us?


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No upcoming events at the moment

Note: Presenters my be subject to change beyond our control.
If you want to purchase tickets with cash or a check, please call 503-510-3281.
We have a few silver seats left for Friday's Kick-Off Dinner, buy them now before they are sold out.

Take Back Oregon Event

Speaker Schedule

FRIDAY 9/29 - Kick-off Dinner

5:30 - Doors open: meet, greet, mingle

6pm - Opening Comments – MC: Ian Trottier  (intro Jake, Dan, and/or Curt)

6:10 - Star Spangled Banner - Savanna Rae

6:13 - Invocation - Jake

6:15 - Dinner Served (2 musical numbers Gabriel Brown)

6:35 - Dr. Bryan Ardis - America at a Turning Point

7:05 - Brooks Agnew - Deep State (7x Amazon beat seller)

7:35 - Marc Thielman - Get Out the Vote

7:55 - Auction

8:25 - Seth Keshel - Reclaiming Oregon’s County Votes

8:45 - Mark Finchem - War on America’s Vote

9:45 - Savannah Rae - closing number

9:50 - Closing comments – Ian (Jake, Dan and/or Curt to say a few words)

SATURDAY 9/30 - Take Back Oregon Freedom Rally

9am - Opening/Welcome – MC Ian Trottier

9:10 - Star Spangled Banner - Savannah Rae

9:15 - Marc Thielman - Get Out the Vote

9:35 - Joe Collins - From CA to TX, fighting for Liberty

9:55  - Seth Keshel - America’s Vote System Scam

10:20 - Meghan Walsh - Child Trafficking

10:40 - Jim Price - Media in America

10:55 - Kristin Sokoloff - Take Back the NW

11:15 - Maureen Steel - Truckers Convoy / Left Weaponizing the Courts

11:35 - Brigadier General Blain Holt - Making America Strong Again

11:55 - Leo Zacky - Taking Back California

12:15 - Savannah Rae (3 songs)

12:30 - Zach Vorhies - Big Tech Censorship

12:50 - Johnny Vieira - Solutions in Voting system

1:10 - Ian Smith - Fighting Economic Tyranny on the middle class (Keeping America open for Small Businesses)

1:30 - Josh Reid - You are America’s voice - Independent media in 2023

1:50 - Mark Herr - Self Governance

2:10 - Roger Dickens - American agricultural solutions

2:30 - Brooks Agnew - Exposing the Deep State

2:50 - Dr. Seema Nanda - Educating America’s next generation

3:10 - Emily Peterson - America’s Backbone: Moms for America

3:30 - Nate Cain - FBI corruption

3:50 - Heather Hobbs - Saving your children - CPS

4:10 - Jeff Adams - Safe health supplements - micronic silver

4:30 - Savannah Rae - (2 songs)

4:50 - Dr. Ardis - Weaponization of America’s Healthcare System

5:30 - Marc Finchem - Take Back Oregon’s Voting system

6:10 - Savannah Rae (2 songs)

6:30 - Closing comments: Jake, Dan, and/or Curt

6:40pm - Thank you for coming: Ian 

Enter to win this AR 15.
Please call 541-519-8813 for more information.


Enter to win this "Gnome Of The Brave" patriotic quilt. Dimensions are approx. 58x74

Win a quilt
Gnome Quilt. Enter to win
Quilting of the Gnome quilt
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Tickets are just $1 ea.  Please call 541-519-8813 for more information.

Tickets are just $1 ea.  Please call 541-519-8813 for more information.

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