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SB1583 strips local school boards of their authority over curriculum decisions and limits their ability to choose textbooks and instructional materials. This is an encroachment on local governance and autonomy in education.

Senate Bill 1583 prevents local school boards from removing content that may cause damage and harm to our children. This conflicts with community values and common sense. It undermines our community's ability to align educational content with local beliefs and scientific understanding

SB1583 is a threat to the fundamental rights of parents to direct their children's education. The bill's top-down approach sets the stage for our community and parental input to be ignored, potentially leading to an increase in parents withdrawing their children from public schools.

The manner in which SB1583 was introduced, without Republican or Oregon School Board Association involvement, is problematic. I see this as a lack of bipartisan cooperation and consultation with educational stakeholders. This is indicative of the bill's flawed legislative process

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