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Comparison Report:

SB1583 vs. Oregon Republican Platform


The content of Senate Bill 1583 has been studied and analyzed and compared with the ideals and concepts that we as Republicans value and hold sacred.  Here is our analysis of the bill and how it compares to the applicable sections of the Oregon Republican Platform that we hold dear. 

Section 5 - Education

SB1583 claims it focuses on prohibiting discrimination in the selection of educational materials, aiming to represent “diversity” in the curriculum. This contrasts with the ORP Platform, which emphasizes unbiased education, parental rights, and local control over curriculum decisions. Major contrasts include SB1583's emphasis on inclusion of diverse groups, which conflicts with ORP's support for education choice and local decision-making.

Estimated compliance: 30%

Section 7 - Family

SB1583 does not directly address family structures or values but indirectly promotes a liberal and progressive inclusivity through educational content, opening the door for conflict with the ORP Platform’s emphasis on traditional family values and biological sex definitions.

Estimated compliance: 20%


Section 11 - Individual Liberty and Limited Government

While SB1583 aims to prevent discrimination in educational materials, it mandates state-level standards that appear to infringe on the local control and individual liberties advocated by the ORP Platform.

Estimated compliance: 40%


Section 16 - Religious Liberty

SB1583’s emphasis on inclusivity and non-discrimination in educational content does not directly address religious liberties. However, its potential conflict with the ORP Platform arises from a lack of provisions to protect religious perspectives in educational materials.

Estimated compliance: 25%



These percentages are based on the outlined priorities and values in each section of the ORP Platform and the provisions of SB1583 as they align or conflict with those priorities.

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